Excellence in Business Practice

The objective of the Foundation is to encourage excellence in business practice throughout the world.

FEBP is an International Foundation under civil law within the meaning of Article 80 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code and governed by its Articles of Association.

The Foundation does not pursue any political, religious or sectarian goal; it serves human rights. The Foundation's Registered Office is in the Canton of Geneva. It is registered with the Swiss Trade Register and monitored by the competent authority.

Latest Weekly Commentary

Weekly Comment is a two pages snapshot of the current macro-economic situation as seen by bridport & cie.

  • A macroeconomic analysis
  • A macro focus highlighting events and trends

Weekly Comment is written by Dr Roy Damary and published on Wednesdays. It is also published the following Monday morning in Agefi, Switzerland's leading French speaking financial newspaper.

This report has been prepared by bridport & cie s.a. in good faith. Information contained herein is believed to be reliable but bridport & cie s.a. does not warrant its completeness or accuracy. www.bridport.ch

About Us

The Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice was created by a group of entrepreneurs, consultants and academics whose professional life continually brings them face to face with the issue of what excellence means in business. [Read more]

FEBP Charter

We, entrepreneurs and business leaders of different nationalities, conscious of our responsibility to the present and future generations, are united in the belief that business must be based on profitability, but that its practice must extend far beyond financial objectives. [Read more]

Our Activities

To achieve the goals set out in the articles of association of our Foundation, we organise conferences and forums aimed at worldwide promotion of excellence in business practice. We also participate in events with compatible goals held by other organisations. [Read more]